Water Leak Loggers

Survey large networks of water pipes quickly with minimal labor with Sewerin, the most sensitive water leak loggers.

Sewerin Sepem 01Water Leak Logger Master Controller

For the simplest, easiest and least labor to detect leaks in large areas use the Sepem 01 water leak loggers. The leak noise loggers detect leaks while you're asleep.

Detect Leaks up to 1600 feet Logger Spacing

Basic Principal:  Water leak noise loggers are set to automatically turn on when it is expected to be the quietest and listen for sound levels and frequencies. If the sound levels never drop below a selected level, there may be a leak nearby.

Simple Operation: 

  1. Set the listening and transfer preferences.
  2. Place each logger on a valve.
  3. The master controller will automatically collect the logger information when near the loggers during the set transfer times. If the noise level never drops below a selected level then an alarm indicates a potential leak.
  4. Move each logger to the next valve.

Water Leak Logger video mp4

Water Leak Logger SePem 01 AdvantagesWater Leak Logger Sewerin

  • Greatest Sensitivity of Any Logger
  • Longer distance between loggers 900 - 1600 feet on metal pipes
  • Cover larger areas with same number of loggers or the same area with less loggers
  • Detection of smaller leaks
  • 5 year lithium battery on daily radio standby and nightly listening. Replaceable (not potted)
  • Submersible to 1 meter for long term, IP68
  • Antenna extension standard for easy communication in deeper valve boxes
  • Strap and bracket standard to retrieve logger from top of valve box or ring for retrieval with hook.
  • Strong ring magnets in ring or flat shapes.

Water Leak Logger SePem 01 Master Controller Advantages Water Leak Logger Kit Sewerin

  • Designed specifically for water leak logger control and patrol
  • Easy to read screen
  • Intuitive software
  • Easy to use rotate and push dial
  • Withstands water spray for all directions / dust, IP54

Water Leak Loggers SePem 01 brochure


Water Loss in 3 Months at 60 PSI

Water Leak Size Water Lost (Gallons)
1/4" 1,181,500
1/8" 296,000

Water Leak Logger with Remote Cell Phone Communication 

Sepem 01 with GSM Module

Find very small leaks early. The highly sensitive Sepem loggers detect small changes in water leak noise levels. The loggers monitor leak noises daily comparing to previously days and automatically alerting when detected. Since leaks are continuous 24/7 the potentially revenue producing water loss is important.

Eliminate man hours to check water leak logger status.

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