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Underground utility cable locators for pipe and cable: Radiodetection CAT4 with Auto on, auto depth, value priced, simple operation.

CAT4 & Genny

  • Triple simultaneous frequency scan for faster and more complete locates
  • Dual active simultaneous frequency scan for hard to find utilities
  • GPS built-in with 3m accuracy
  • Non-removable  2-year data storage for documentation
  • Swing warning
  • Dynamic overload protection
  • On-line calibration check
  • Close utility alert
  • Tidal signal strength display quickly shows max signal
  • Signal boost on transmitter
  • Automatic on and off
  • Low cost operation with two D cells alkaline or NiMH
  • Low battery alert
  • Automatic backlight
  • Real sounds

Triple Scan in One Step to Detect More Faster:

The CAT4 Avoidance Mode™  locates with Power, Radio and Genny4 signals simultaneously saving time and potentially detecting more underground utilities in a single scan. The bar graph "tidemark" displays where the signal begins to drop making the location of the maximum signal and buried utility clear.

Cable Locator CAT4 brochure

Dual Frequency for Small Cables

The Genny4 provides a class-first simultaneous dual-frequency signal output. Alongside the familiar 33kHz signal for general purpose locates, the Genny4 transmits a specialized Small Diameter Locate frequency which facilitates location of utilities such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. For difficult locates, the Signal Boost function enables the Genny4 signals to travel farther and deeper with a stronger signal.

Dynamic Overload Protection

C.A.T4’s Dynamic Overload Protection feature automatically filters out high levels of interference, allowing operators to continue working even in electrically noisy areas such as substations  and under high-voltage cables – and requires no input from the operator.

Swing Warning

eC.A.T4™  series units feature on-board data acquisition to aid in identifying training needs, while the SWING™  warning alerts the operator to incorrect usage patterns, encouraging corrective action.

On Line Calibration Check

All C.A.T4 units are equipped with Radiodetection’s proprietary eCert™  technology, which provides a comprehensive assessment of the unit’s hardware and software using an internet connection to Radiodetection and can be used to extend the validity of the C.A.T4’s calibration certificate on-demand.

Simple and Familiar Operation

CAT4 and Genny4 operate similar to the popular C.A.T beginning in mid-1980's. All Genny3 accessories are compatible with Genny4.

Radiodetection offers comprehensive training options for operators, managers and trainers to promote best working practices and supports management of those responsible for cable avoidance.

Data Logging of Use Parameterspipe cable locator

On-board memory allows over a year’s worth of data storage eC.A.T4 series with the ability to back up to a PC for use tracking during the lifetime of the cable locator. Store locate data includes: Mode of use, Genny / Power / Radio signal strengths, Date and time of survey, StrikeAlert, SWING warning statuses, Angle of use, Audio status, Bar graph readout, Sensitivity control setting, Depth measurements made, Battery status, Last / next calibration date, Dynamic Overload Protection / signal overload status.

Retrieved data can be analyzed, either locally or remotely, to aid in ensuring compliance and identifying training requirements.

"Real Sound"

Hearing the "Real Sound" helps distinguish the signal from random background noise.

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