Plastic Pipe Locators

9  Ways to Locate Plastic Pipe:

  1. Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR: Radiodetection RD1100 &RD1500
  2. Mechanical pulsing valve: Radiodetection Transonde
  3. Electronically controlled water pulse generator: Sewerin Stopper
  4. Radiodetection Electronic Transonde
  5. Pipe noise generator: Sewerin Knocker
  6. Locatable rodder that inserts into live water service pipes to accurately locate depth and position
  7. Live tap into water main pipes and insert locatable rodder that to accurately locate depth and position up to 1000 feet: Jameson Duct Hunter Water main locator
  8. Sonic plastic pipe locator: Sensit APL
  9. Subsurface AML Pro and AMO+

Ground Penetrating Radar, GPRGround-penetrating-radar

Radiodetection RD1100 GPR & RD1500 Summary

RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar Software Summary

Ground Penetrating Radar brochure

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR manual

Plastic Pipe Locatorplastic pipe locator

The transonde locates all clean water pipes including PVC, Plastic, AC without tracer wires by creating water pulses on the pipes.

The Radiodetection transondes locate PVC, plastic pipe locator valve that connects to the water supply pipes and creates 5 psi pulses higher than the pipe pressure. Then locate PVC pipe by listening with the  RD547, Stethophon 04, A50, T10, Aquaphon A100 or A200, P50, P100.  The P50 and P100 are designed specifically for listening to the pulses from the transonde.

Green: < 2" pipes,   Yellow:  > 2" pipes,   Red: > 6" pipes

RD500 Plastic Pipe Locator brochure

Radiodetection Electronic Transonde Plastic Pipe Locator Electronically Controlled

Electronically controlled water valve opens and closes creating water pulses in the pipe causing noise in the pipe. Water Pulse Generator sends water pulses along the pipe which then can be located using the Stethophon, T10, A50, A150 or A200 leak detectors.

Stopper PVC Pipe Locatorpvc plastic pipe locator

The "Sewerin Stopper" connects to hydrants to located plastic, PVC and non-metallic water pipes. In good conditions the thumper locates plastic pipes over 1000 feet in each direction. Deeper pipes and softer soils reduce the maximum distance. Both the frequency and intensity of the pressure pulse are controllable.

Video of Sewerin Thumper plastic pipe locator in operation

The Combiphon Generator powers and controls both the Knocker and Stopper PVC pipe locators.

Plastic Pipe Locator Combiphon brochure

Knocker Plastic Pipe Locatorplastic pvc pipe locator

The Knocker connects to the outside of plastic PVC (non-metallic) pipes and taps on the plastic pipe, sending sound pulses down the pipes. The Knocker plastic pipe locator controls both the frequency and intensity of sound pulses. Then you find the PVC pipe location with the Stethophon 04, T10, A50 or A200, or M300D or other acoustic leak detector. This works on all common pipe materials and doesn't require a connect the water flow.  For longer distances, the Sewerin Stopper generated sounds travel much farther. Connecting is quick and easy.

Plastic pipe locator: Sewerin Combiphon video

Jameson Plastic Pipe LocatorPlastic pipe locator rodder

Locate plastic water pipes up to 300 feet and up to 100 psi by inserting the locator traceable rodder using a sealed stuffing box into plastic waterPlastic pipe locator rodder pipes for accurate location and depth measurements. The stuffing box connects to the yoke which holds the meter using an adapter.

Available in 100', 150', 200', 250', 300' kits with 3/16" diameter pushrods.

Jameson Plastic Water Service Pipe Locator brochure

Jameson Plastic Water Main Locator  and Pipe Inspection Insertion ToolPlastic Watermain locator tools

Locate non-metal water pipes and plastic water mains up to 1200 feet in each direction without a tracer wire.  Seals with live water pipes up to 100 psi. Accurately locate the position and depth of plastic (C-900) and steel pipes with Radiodetection RD7100 Underground Locators,     RD8100 Pipe Locator, RD5100S, RD5100H2O or RD5100H20+.  It's like inserting a tracer wire into an existing pipe in both directions.

Insert pipe inspection cameras with up to 1 3/8" diameter camera heads into live water mains and direct the camera head in either direection

SENSIT Ulta-Trac APLPlastic Pipe Locator Plastic Pipe LocatorUltatrac APL Plastic pipe locator

The Ultratrac APL transmits 500 hz or 900hz sound pulses of  into the ground and analyses the reflections showing differences in the density of the soil and objects underneath. Because the APL (Acoustic Pipe Locator) sends sound pulses instead of radio waves like GPR, the Ultra-Trac works in many soil types including high conductivity clay soils. High conductivity soils absorb alot of signal from GPR limiting the depth of GPR scans.

Plastic Pipe Locator brochure

Subsurface AML Pro and AML+ Plastic Pipe LocatorSubsurface AML Plastic Pipe Locator

Finds plastic pipes and pther buried objects with staight edges by sensing the difference in density using high frequency radio waves.

RJM Water and Sewer Equipment Catalog

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