Cable Fault Locator - TDRCable Fault Locator

Radiodetection cable fault locator arrows easily guide you to the ground faults. Riser Bond TDR Time Domain Reflectometer tester.

 Radiodetection Cable Ground Fault Locators

The Cable Fault Locator A-Frame easily connects to the RD8100 PDL,    RD7100 PL,    RD7100 TL  underground cable fault  locator receivers converting it to a ground  cable fault locator including secondary power cables.  Arrows on the locator receiver's LCD easily guide the operator to cable fault when the transmitter is connected to a faulted cable.

When near the cable fault, the forward or backward arrows point towards the fault where ever you place the A-frame.  The signal strength number shows the strength of the cable fault to determine if there is another fault on the cable and which fault is the major fault.

Aframe compatible utility locators: RD8100 Underground Cable Locator, RD7100 Underground Utility Locator

TDR Time Domain Reflectometers Principles

Time Domain Reflectometers, TDR's are sometimes called "cable radar" because both use reflected signals to determine distances.  The TDR sends a signal pulses down the cable. Changes in the cable impedience cause some of the signal to be reflected back and the time delay and signal strength of the for the reflection are measured.  TDR's locate shorts, opens, wet splices, corroded splices, unknown splices, wet cable, splits, load coils, service theft, isulation damage, cuts, crimps, smashed cables ...  A TDR locates the length of cable to a single or multiple ground faults up to 15 miles quickly, then an A-Frame with one of the Radiodetection locators above with ground fault locating narrow the position to within a hand shovel size for repair.

Velocity Of Propagation, VOP is the speed of the signal traveling on the cable. The speed of light equals a VOP of 1. Tables are available for many cable types.  Examples; Gel filled 24AWG telephone cable: 0.64 VOP.  Adjusting the VOP selection in the TDR until the distance measured with the TDR matches physical distance measured on same cable or other cable of the same type if of cable can be more accurate especially if the VOP for the cable is unknown.

Since the distance to the cable fault accuracy is a percentage of the distance to the fault, connecting closer to the fault will improve the accuracy.TDR Cable Fault Locator

TDR Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer Guide


Riserbond 1270A & 1205CXA

Riserbond 1270A TDR Cable Fault Locator brochure

Riserbond 3300 & 3200TDR Cable Fault Locator Riserbond 3300

Riserbond 3300 TDR Cable Fault Locator brochure

Lexxi T1660 TDR Cable Fault LocatorTDR Time Domain Reflectometer T1660

TDR Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer Lexxi 1660  brochure

Bicotest T625 Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR Cable Fault Locator:

Bicotest T625 Metallic Time domain Reflectometer brochure

Bicotest T631 Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR Cable Fault LocatorTDR Time Domain Reflectometer Cable Fault Locator

Bicotest T631 MTDR Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer brochure

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