Waste Water Treatment Plant Odor Control Biofilters

Control waste water treatment plant odors naturally with modular odor control biofilters which regenerate themselves reducing costs.

How to get rid of sewer gas odor    Odor Control Biofilter Wastewater  wastewater odor control design  

Modular odor control biofilters from 300 cfm to 20,000 cfm by adding as many modular containers as needed. Low height for profile for minimal impact on appearance. Non-corrosion materials in contact with sewer odor air: HDPE, PP, PVC, stainless steel.

Odor control biofilter for hydrogen sulfide and other odors at wastewater treatment plants, lift pump stations.

The wastewater odor control biofilter arrives ready to connect to foul air inlet, drain, clean water and power. 

Modular Biofilter Removal Rates (example graph)odor control biofilters

Modular Odor Control Biofilter specifications

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