Terms and Conditions

RJM Equipment Sales, LLC is a family owned company which began in 1985. Our goal is positive experience for you. Please let us know if you have problem, complement, order, question or comments: 360-828-5732, 800-620-4773, sales@rjmcompany.com

We offer a complete refund for most items when returned in new condition.  Some items are specially made or not frequently ordered and are subject to a restocking fee of 20%. Return shipping is the responsible of the customer. Please check with us to determine if restocking fee applies. Some of our manufacturers charge a 20% restocking fee if returned to them.  Any fees that we are charged for returning products to our supplier are charged to the customer.  Some item are special items and non-returnable.

Methods of payment:

Direct Deposit / Wire Transfer: Please call for account details if needed. 

Credit Cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Paypal and Discover.  Prices shown or quoted are for cash, check or bank transfer.  An additional fee of 2.4% will be charged for credit card fees.  Corporate credit card cards cost us more to process and are charged a processing of 3.9%.

Checks: Shipment may be delayed until the check clears in some cases.

PayPal: PayPal allows transfer of funds without disclosure of credit card information to us.  They accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, checks.  We can send you a invoice through PayPal or funds can be sent to us through PayPal.

We offer financing that we have worked. We can send the simple form or call for the approval information.

Open Accounts:  A line of credit is determined by RJM.

Late fees:  Balances over due 60 days could be subject to a 1 1/2% charge monthly.

Collection fees: If a collection agency is needed to collect unpaid debts, the customer is responsible for all related fees.

All equipment remains the property of RJM until paid in full.  Credit will be given for partial payments.  Any expenses incurred by RJM in the return are subtracted from the value of items returned to RJM.

Shipping Charges:  If prepayment is required, we will determine an estimate of the shipping amount and charge the complete amount before shipment.  We do not change a handling fee.  Import, export or other fees are the responsible of the buyer.



RJM is not responsible for anything except repair or replacement of the product except as warranted by the equipment manufacturer.  Used equipment is not warranted excepted as stated in each quote.  Since we are not the manufacturer, we rely on the warranties from the manufacturer.    In general equipment sold by RJM is covered by the manufacturers warranty.  Complete warranties details for each are available up on request or is linked below. 

Bioteg Odor Control Biofilters: One year overall.

Duracable Drain Snakes: Two years on most cable machines, three years on DM-175, DM-55 frame and gearbox.

Gorlitz Plumber Snakes and Sewer Jetters: One year overall. 15% restocking fee charge if returned in 10 days.

Hathorn Sewer Pipe Cameras: One year

Pow-r Mole Horizontal Boring and Pipe Bursting Equipment: one year.

Radiodetection Pipe and Cable Locators: RD5000, RD7000 and RD8000 three years if registered within three months (one year if not registered. One year on other equipment.  Special order items are not returnable.  RD547 two years.

Ritmo Pipe Fusion Machines: Two years

Ratech Sewer Pipe Cameras: One year.   Ratech charges 25% restocking fee for all items.

Sewerin Water Leak Detection Equipment: One year.

Wohler Plumbing Cameras:  One year.


The renter is responsible return of equipment in the same condition except for normal use. Damages are the responsibility of the renter. Repair or fees will be a fair amount determined by RJM. The renter will be charged normal service rates and parts for repairs.  Rental fees are due before the equipment is received unless otherwise approved by RJM.