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Underground Pipe Locators: Radiodetection RD5000 simple one button operation, auto depth and pipe direction. Arrows guide to pipe.

Radiodetection RD5000

  • One button operation
  • Shows pipe orientation
  • Left / right arrows guide to pipe.
  • Automatic depth and signal identification

Pipe Direction: A line on the display stays parallel to the pipe showing direction of the pipe or cable.pipe locator

Right & Left Arrows:  As the RD5000 underground pipe locator gets closer to the pipe, right and left arrows get shorter guiding the locator to the pipe.

Easy Locate Tone:  The continuous tone on one side and intermittent tone on the other side easily guide the locator along the pipe.

Automatic TruDepth: When the underground pipe locator is near the pipe or cable and close to the same direction the depth and signal strength in the pipe at that point automatically displays.

Utility Identification; Automatically display the signal in the pipe at current location to determine if it is the same pipe that the transmitter is connected to.

3 Year Warranty: Two years longer than typical warranties just by registering for free.

Value Priced: Compared to VM-810 the RD5000 includes two year longer warranty, rechargeable batteries in both the pipe locator and pipe transmitter and over $500 lower price.

Guidance Mode: Displays a blank area in bar that shows pipe location, pipe direction, distance proportional arrows, different left and right tones, signal strength and signal in the pipe to identify if it the utility connected to the transmitter.

High-performance processor and software: A fast processer incorporates over 50 software and hardware patents providing powerful signal filtering and analysis even in the most electrically noisy environments improving the accuracy and repeatability. 

Onsite Calibration Check: Validate the original factory calibration of the RD5000 pipe locator and create a calibration check certificate without returning the locator. 

Rechargeable batteries: Rechargeable batteries included in all RD5000 receivers and transmitters without extra charges  Four D-cells in the transmitter keep you going if the rechargeable batteries run low. The receiver battery door quick changes to use two alkaline batteries when needed.

Dynamic Overload Protection: The RD5000, RD7000 and RD8000 process extreme signals like found at power substations instead of overloading.

Light weight: Only 4 lbs. 

Balanced:  All Radiodetection underground pipe locators are well balanced so that they hang vertically when balanced from the handle improving accuracy and preventing wrist strain.

Improved Display with Automatic Backlit: Easily read the simple, large, high contrast backlit LCD screen in all conditions. The display automatically turns on when needed making the display easy to see and off when not needed to save batteries.

Free Onsite Updates: Update with firmware enhancements from your computer with the USB port without sending it to a service center.

Withstands Water Splashing:  Both the RD5000 WL pipe locator receiver and transmitter have been independently tested and rated to withstand water spray and dust from all directions. Operate in any weather conditions. IP54

Underground Pipe Locator RD5000 brochure

Pipe locator Guide

Underground Pipe Locator Transmitter - Radiodetection RD5000pipe locator RD5000

  • Single Button Operation
  • Rechargeable batteries and back up D-cells at no extra cost
  • Low battery warning LEDs
  • Highest power output allowed by FCC
  • Lightweight:  Only 3.5 lbs. including rechargeable Li-ion batteries.
  • Multiple Connection Choices: Direct connect, induction or optional induction clamps.
  • Compact case

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