Sewer Pipe Camera

Hathorn sewer pipe inspection cameras with sunlight viewable screens, weather resistant controllers, USB, hard-drive, Kevlar pushrod cable, affordable quality.

Hathorn Drain Inspection Cameras

Monitors: 7.4", 8.4", 10.4", 12.4" sunlight readable or your laptop screen.

Recording choices: 320 Gb hard drive, USB memory card, laptop ready, your external recorder.

Magnum M12 Sewer Pipe CameraSewer Pipe Camera Hathorn M12

Magnum Sewer Pipe Camera flyer

Sewer camera inspection video 28 seconds


Magnum M7 Sewer Pipe CameraSewer Pipe Camera Hathorn M7


Wi-Fi Sewer Pipe CameraWi-Fi Sewer Camera

Use your new or existing tablet, phone or laptop with Wi-Fi to view, record videos and record still images from up to 200 feet away.

Wi-Fi Sewer Pipe Camera brochure


Portable Sewer CameraPortable Sewer Camera

Sewer Camera Hathorn Portable brochure


Sonic Drain Pipe CameraSewer Pipe Camera Hathorn Sonic Plus

Sonic options:

Sonic Drain Pipe Camera brochure

Optimum Sewer Pipe Camera

sewer camera drain pipe inspection

Optimum Sewer Pipe Camera brochure

Sewer Pipe Inspection Reels

All Hathorn pipe inspection camera reels include:

Full-size Sewer Camera Reel:

drain camera reel

Mid-size Sewer Camera Reel

Mini Sewer Camera Reel

sewer pipe camera reel

Hathorn Sewer Camera Pushrod

Sewer Inspection Color Camera Heads

Hathorn Sewer Cameras

Name Dia. Smallest
90 Bend
 Lighted Well
Material Pushrod
Micro 7/8" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" SS 3/8" No
1.23" 1 1/2" 4" SS 3/8" No
Mini 1.23" 2" 6" SS 0.4" Optional
Mid-size 1.4" 3" 8" SS 1/2" Self leveling only
Standard 1.68" 3" 8" SS
1/2" Optional

Hathorn Sewer Pipe Camera brochure

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