Septic Sewer Vent Odor Control Biofilters

Control septic sewer vent odors with natural odor control vent biofilters with low long term costs.

1.8 to 20 cfm: Vent Biofilters are available in both a cartridge to fit insidesewer vent odor biofilter an existing pipe or with a stainless steel housing.  They are designed for H2S concentrations up to 50 ppm with at least a 95% removal rate.  Simply slide the vent cartridge into the existing vent pipe. Maintenance only involves replacing the organic media in 5-8 years. Bioteg biofilters controls septic vent odor before anyone smells it; problem solved!

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Specially designed to eliminate odors for lift stations or other odors.  Prevent the odor complaints with no additional maintenance. Pre-engineered enclosed systems for 15 cfm, 30 cfm and 45 cfm. Lift Station Biofilters can be quickly and easily installed above or below ground. Available with or with a blower. The HDPE and stainless steel construction is corrosion free. Biofilters patented bio-media provides up to  5 - 8 years of effective odor removal at >95% efficiency at 50 ppm. 

Flange Mounted Sewer Vent Odor Biofilter sewer vent odor control biofilter

Sewer Odor Control biofilter specifications

Bioteg biofilters solve the problem of "How to get rid or sewer gas odor." Save money with biofilters to reduce odors since the overall cost is very low.

Common applications for odor control biofilters include: manhole odor control, industrial odor filter, wastewater odor control, odor control for lift station and pump stations, odor control biofilters

 Odor Control Biofilter - Vent Pipe Insert

Cartridge Vent Biofilters
Model Max. cfm OD Cartridge Length
REBF-100 1.8 3.74" 45.25"
REBF-150 2.4 5.71" 45.25"
REBF-200 2.9 7.48" 45.25"
REBF-250 4.1 9.45" 45.25"
REBF-300 6.5 11.45" 45.25"
REBF-350 8.2 13.39" 45.25"
REBF-400 10.5 16" 45.25"
REBF-450 14.5 18" 45.25"
REBF-500 20 20" 45.25"

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