GPR Ground Penetrating Radar EquipmentGround Penetrating Radar

GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar equipment: Radiodetection RD1000. Locate underground pipe. Simple Operation.

Radiodetection RD1000

  • Competitive lower ground penetrating radar price with  ImageView software includedGround Penetrating Radar Price
  • Designed specifically for buried utilities including non-metallic pipes
  • High performance radar and processing system delivering cutting edge performance.
  • Simple straight forward operation:
    1. Push "On"
    2. Push "Scan"
    3. Walk forward
    4. Walk back until line matches image
  • Tough, weatherproof and ergonomic design.
  • Portable and easy to transport strong fiberglass cart
  • Modular assembly for quick, cost effective repair 1 week typical service
  • Find underground pipes, utilities, tanks, and other subsurface underground objects.

Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment Controls

  • Simple user interfaceGPR Ground Penetrating Radar Controls
  • Imageview software standard
  • Selectable depth: accurately survey utilities buried up to 8 meters underground
  • Enhanced signal filtering
  • Symbolic labels and selected language menus
  • Interactive target location
  • Target depth measurement with easy optimization for soil typeGround Pentrating Radar Display

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Sensor

  • Rugged aluminum extrusion housingGPR - Ground Penetrating Radar Sensor
  • Optimal sunlight and night visible screen
  • Simple intuitive user interface
  • Tough membrane keypad
  • Upgradeable embedded software
  • Low power consumption -  less than 5 watts
  • Image recording
  • Removable flash memory cardground penetrating radar equipment

Ground Penetrating Radar brochure

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR manual


RD1000 options:

  • Flight case for complete GPR unitGPR-case
  • Hard case for display
  • Soft case for display
  • Large wheels for rough terrain

Ground penetrating radar equipment, also known as GPR ground probing radar, ground penetration radar, subsurface radar, georadar, earth sounding radar or GPR explores subsurface utilities without disturbing the earth.  The Radiodetection RD1000 GPR operates by transmitting a electromagnetic 250 MHz signal (125 MHz to 370 MHz) into the subsurface ground and receives then displays reflections.  Subsurface objects including plastic pipes, tanks, voids, and more can be detected without digging. Please call or E-mail for ground penetrating radar costs / prices.