GPR Ground Penetrating Radar EquipmentGPR-ground-penetrating-radar RD1500

Radiodetection RD1100 GPR

  • High resolution touch screen displays depth & position by touching at any pointand quick draw arrows to highlight features
  • Wi-Fi & USB port for data export of scan images (jpg), System information (pdf), GPS data (kmz)
  • GPS for geotagging all screen captures
    • Internal GPS 5 - 10 m accuracy
    • External GPS 1 m accuracy
  • Ultra wide band 250 Mhz sensor with low (deep), medium and high frequency (higher resolution) selection
  • Easy screen capture
  • Easy marker arrows and flags

Radiodetection RD1500 GPR Ground Penetrating Radar EquipmentGround Penetrating Radar touch screen

  • Low (deeper), medium and high (higher resolution)frequency  selection
  • Slice views
  • GPS view
  • Map view
  • Store

RD1500 Ekko_Project Ground Penetrating Radar SoftwareGreound Penetrating Radar Software

  • View grids and line sets with combinations of color, gain, and filter settings
  • Copy, past, delete lines
  • Save GPR images as graphics files including jpg, png, ...
  • GPS correction for improved accuracy
  • Attach any file type includingphotos, videos, maps, voice recordings, word documents, ...
  • View property summary
  • GPR merge
  • Data Export
  • SliceView

Utility Suite AnalyisGround Radar Map

  • Plot GPR lines
  • Convert depth data to elevation data
  • Analyze data by adding lines, points, boxes and annotations
  • Process and display grid data as GPR lines an depth section slices
  • Adjust gain, color, filter, slice thickness
  • Outputs data for 3D display in CAD, Voxler, ...
  • Outputs Depth Slices to Google Earth

Ground Penetrating Radar brochure


Ground Penetrating Radar GPR manual

Ground penetrating radar equipment, also known as GPR ground probing radar, ground penetration radar, subsurface radar, georadar, earth sounding radar or GPR explores subsurface utilities without disturbing the earth.  The Radiodetection RD1100 and RD1500 GPR operates by transmitting a electromagnetic 250 MHz signal into the subsurface ground and receives then displays reflections.  Subsurface objects including plastic pipes, tanks, voids, and more can be detected without digging. Please call or E-mail for ground penetrating radar costs / prices.