Underground Utility Pipe Cable Locators

Utility locators, underground cable locators, pipe locators, plastic pipe locators, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and cable fault locators.

Radiodetection Underground Utility Locators

Radiodetection Utility Locators RJM Company, a proud representative of Radiodetection pipe locators, cable locators, plastic pipe locators, directional drilling locator, ground penetrating radar, hand held metal detectors, pipeline current mapper, Models shown below: RD8100, RD7100, RD5100, RD2000, CAT4, RD1100 RD1500 GPR, RD312. On-site training and support free.

RD8100 Underground Pipe Cable Locator Underground Utilty Locagtors RD8100

  • Guidance Mode locates easier and fastest RD8100 / RD7100 Guidance Mode video
  • Power filters identify adjacent cables & extreme signals
  • Withstands water jets and dust tight (IP65)
  • New frequencies: 4 KHz CD, 4Khz, 5 custom frequencies, 4 additional frequencies
  • Li-ion battery powers for 35 hours of operation per charge
  • “Peak +”: Displays peak signal with guidance or null arrows
  • Improved Remote Control of frequencies and output from over 1/4 mile included standard.
  • Logs over 5 Years of usage
  • All RD7000 and RD8000 features

Underground Cable Locator brochure

Underground Utility Locator - RD7100 Underground Utility Locator RD7100

  • Guidance Mode RD8100 / RD7100 Guidance Mode video
  • Utility orientation display.
  • Automatic depth and simultaneous signal strength for identification
  • Select preferred frequencies for customized operation
  • Arrows: shows distance direction to target the pipe, cable or utility
  • Centros: New innovative algorithms and high performance processor
  • Withstands water jets, IP65

Underground Utility Locator RD7100 Brochure

New Radiodetection RD5100 H2O+, H2O, S Pipe LocatorsPipe Locator Display RD5100 Radiodetection

RD5100 H2O+: Simple powerful kit for water, sewer and more

  • Frequencies: 8 active frequencies, 3 sonde frequencies, power, radio
  • Remote control of Tx-10 transmitter from 1400 feet
  • Strike Alert warning for nearby power

RD5100 H2O: Pipe locator

  • Simple and fast 83 Khz guidance mode
  • Power mode with depth
  • Only $2695 including rechargeable batteries in receiver and transmitter

RD5100 S: Simple sonde and sewer camera locator

  • Only $1395
  • 512 hz, 8 khz, 33 khz sonde modes
  • Add up to 4 active frequencies when you need it

Pipe Cable Locators RD2000 SuperCAT cable pipe locator

  • 3 active frequencies, power, radio
  • Simple pipe cable locator
  • Economical
  • Sonde (camera) pipe / cable modes
  • Auto on and off
  • Auto depth

Cable Locators: CAT4cable locator

  • 33 KHz, Power, Radio, CPS, Combined power/radio
  • Simple pipe cable locator
  • Economical
  • Swing alert
  • Auto on / off
  • Auto depth

Electronic EMS Marker Ball LocatorElectronic EMS Marker Ball Locator

  • Locate utility and marker simultaneously
  • 20 feet for deeper electronic EMS marker locating
  • GPS and remote control of transmitter (optional)
  • Only 7.8 pounds
  • 3 year warranty
  • Auto depth & current measurement simultaneously
  • Withstands water splashing from any direction and dust - IP54
  • Remote calibration via USB
  • Frequencies: Up to 33 active frequencies, 4 passive, 9 marker frequencies
  • Customize settings for your needs
  • Li-ion battery standard on EMS marker locators for 25 hours of continuous use
  • Auto depth on 60 Hz power frequency
  • Automatically switches to marker frequency when antenna is folded down

GPR - Ground Penetrating RadarGround Penetrating Radar GPR

Radiodetection RD1100 & RD1500

  • Wideband 250 MHz with three frequency ranges
  • GPS view
  • Map view
  • Profile view
  • 3D data export

Underground Cable Fault LocatorsCable Fault Locators

Cable Fault Locator - The RD8100PDL, RD7100PL RD7100TL cable locators automatically set to fault locating mode and displays forward and back arrows that point towards the cable fault anywhere near the fault.

TDR Cable Radar - Riser Bond & Bicotest - High performance TDR models accurately determine the distance to cable faults including opens, shorts, grounds and more.Cable Fault Locator

Locator Sondes

  • Sondes: Self contained transmitters for locating underground pipes, conduits, camerasLocator sonde
  • Pushrods: Flexi-trace and Flexi-rod.
  • 7 Models with three choices of locate sonde frequencies
  • Deeps to 50 feet
  • 0.25" diameter and larger

Plastic Pipe Locators

  • Locate all types of pipe including plastic.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar locates all types of subsurface objects including non-metallic including plastic pipe

  • Electronic water pulse generator
  • RD500 plastic pipe locator connects to pressurized water pipes creating a safe water pulse that you can use to locate plastic water pipes with the RD500 receiver or water leak detectors.
  • "Knocker" plastic pipe locator: Electronic controlled rod knocks on the outside of any type of pipe creating a sound traveling down the pipe which can be located with water leak detectors.
  • "Stopper" plastic pipe locator connects to hydrants creating a electronically controlled water pulse that can be located using water leak detectors.
  • Water Line Tracer: Insert locatable Duct Hunter locatable rodder into live lines up to 100 psi and locate up to 1000 feet in each direction with 90 degree elbows.

Underground Hand Held Metal DetectorsSchonstedt Maggie Metal Detector

Metal Detectors for locating water valve lids, manhole covers, survey pins and more

  • Schonstedt Spot
  • Schonstedt Maggie
  • Schonstedt GA-52Cx
  • Schonstedt GA-72Cd
  • Schonstedt GA-92XTd
  • RD312 hand held underground metal detector
  • Utility metal detectors

Juniper Geode GPS Receiver

  • Connects to Android, Windows or Apple (soon) mobile device with Blu-tooth
  • Accuracy: 95-98% of readings within 23.8"
  • Post processed accuracy: 4.5"
  • Affordable pricing
  • 10 hour rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Compact: 4.4" x 4.4" x 1.7", 0.8 lbs, IP68

Juniper Geode GPS brochure

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