Water Leak Detection Equipment

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Water Leak Detectors

Sewerin water leak detection equipment for better location of even the challenging leaks.

Sewerin Stethophon 04 water leak detectors

  • New internal sound sensor with improved leak noise reproduction
  • Digital sound level display with memory of previous reading
  • 5 noise filter ranges with probe
  • 8 noise filter ranges with microphone
  • Maximum volume limiter to protect hearing instrument
  • Simple Operation
  • Boosts sounds in pipe transmitting range for easier water leak detection
  • Auto shutoff
  • Battery level indicator
  • Mute control
  • Economically price
  • Powered by two AA batteries for 8 hours
  • 8.8 oz., 8" x 2" x 1"
  • Withstands water spray and dust. IP54
  • 3 Extension rods included. Additional long extension rods optional (Recommended for soft soil use)
  • Kit includes headphones that cover the ear, direct contact probe, two probe extensions, case, manual, spare ear cushions, spare noise absorbing foam, microphone, ground plate for microphone, strong magnet for solid direct contact. 

Water Leak Detector Stethophon 04  brochure


Wireless Stethophon 04 Leak Detectorplumbing leak detector wireless

  • No headphone wire to tangle
  • No noises interfering when the cord rubs things
  • Quicker to put on and use
  • Includes all the features and accessories of the wired Stethophon 04 except the headphone wire

Water Leak Detector with Wireless Headphones brochure 

Water leak detectors correlators loggers  Overall brochure pdf


Wireless Water Leak Detector

 AquaTest T10water-leak-detection-equipment

• Wireless acoustic test rod
• Ergonomic design ensures non-tiring operation 
• Robust construction for use outdoors 
• Built-in rechargeable batteries and charger.
• Meaningful visualization of the noises in the display, to support the operator
• Thumb presence sensor eliminates switch noises and switch wear 
• 8 filter bands • Maximum noise limiter
• Wireless or standard ambient noise blocking headphones

Wireless robust test rod for acoustic water leak detection. The AquaTest T10 water leak detector test rod brings innovative technology and ergonomic design. Its strength lies in the pre-location of water leaks in pipe networks. The AquaTest T10 is the first Sewerin test rod that without a receiver.
The headphones are activated by a special sensor area. The clear display on the handle graphically shows noises. In the product variant with the SDR radio module, the test rod can be used with radio headphones. This means no more cables to get in the way.

Leak Pre-location
The high-quality microphone technology of the AquaTest T10 detects even the smallest water leak noises. Extension rods attach to the AquaTest to reach deeper pipes and valves. Individual optimization of acoustic results is assisted by the option of selecting one of eight different frequency bands. Eight background noise filters aide leak detection by blocking interfering noises. In operation the flow noises at the fittings can be sampled by simply placing a thumb on the sensor area. This avoids the irritation caused by operation noises in the headphones while listening. The AquaTest T10 leak detection equipment displays the current and previous minimum water leak noise levels plus the current noise intensity. The minimum noise levels are shown as numeric values; the actual noise intensity is displayed as a bar graph helping to pinpoint the leak.

Non-metallic (plastic) pipe location

Applying sounds to the pipes using the Combiphon, Knocker, Stopper or RD500 allows location of pipes by following sounds from the pipe with the AquaTest T10. the water pinpointing leaks and acoustic pipe location pre-located leaks can also be pinpointed with the AquaTest T10.

Water leaks under slabs and streets

The probe tip is replaced with a tripod foot (optional) when listening through hard surfaces. 

Kit Includes: AquaTest T10, headphones, probe tip, chargers, transport bag

Optional accessories: tripod, extensions for the probe tip


Water Leak Detectors

Sewerin Aquaphon Digital Water leak detection equipment

  • Extremely sensitive wind protected microphone with insulated shell to block exterior noises.
  • Easily set the lower and upper noise filters in 50 Hz steps for precise control.
  • Maximum noise limiter prevents damage to hearing and the equipment
  • Displays the minimum or maximum level of the previous and current reading. The minimum level is the most useful since the maximum levels are background noises.
  • Identifies the minimum level at each location
  • Automatically scans the frequencies to set the noise filters.
  • Weatherproof case
  • Rechargeable batteries with charging docking bay in case.

The principle --of the water leak detectors:
When a pressurized underground water pipe develops a leak, water flows through it into the surrounding soil at high speed. In consequence:

  • The pipeline material vibrates at the water leak. This vibration transmits through the pipe where it can be detected at water valves, hydrants, water meters and other remote contact points on the water pipe. The sensitive headphones, microphone and amplifier with noise filters helps the user determine the water leak location.
  • The water leak jets and pipes induce vibration in the soil which transmits to the surface, where it can be picked up as ground-borne noise.
Water leak noise is transmitted over long distances in metallic pipes and detected very effectively with the special microphone within the test rod.

Water Leak Detection with the ground microphone

Water leak noises are not transmitted well by non-metallic pipe materials. Taking readings at the valves is not enough: the sections between valves must also be checked with a ground microphone for utility water leaks..

The AQUAPHON® EW receiver displays the water leak noise level both graphically and with a number including displaying the level of the last reading for comparison. The graphical bar display across the top also shows the lowest current sound levels and indicates the lowest sound level during each reading. This is a primary indicator of water leak location since the background noises vary, but the water leak noises are constant.  Finding the location where the minimum sound level is the highest is an important key to water leak detection.
Water Leak Detector Aquaphonplumbing leak detector devices

  • AQUAPHON Water Leak Detection Equipment 
    System components:
    Ground microphone BO-4 (Professional)
    Ground microphone 3P-4 (Standard)
    Carrying rod H-4
    Peizo test rod with various adapters (Professional)
    Headphones - covers the whole ear to block external noise
    Charging adapter HS
    Power supply set 120VAC or 12 VDC
    Aquaphon® EW with carrying system "triangle" Water leak detection devices

Sewerin includes information on how to find underground water leak detection and plumbing water leak detection equipment devices.

Water Leak Detector Aquaphon brochure

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