Directional Drilling Locator

Radiodetection iTrack directional drilling precision locator. Precisely track direction, depth, angle during directional boring.

 Radiodetection iTrack & RD385 Directional Boring Tracking LocatorDirectional drilling locator

Tracking and guidance system for horizontal, directional drilling machines. Keeping a bore on track, on time and within budget are essential criteria for the trenchless industry. To meet these criteria and with speed, accuracy and usability as the main priorities. The iTrack directional drilling locator provides accurate walkover guidance information for horizontal directional drilling machines. The system comprises an iTrack Receiver, a DataView unit, one or more DataSonde and Radiodetection's Borelog software.

  • Speed - no need to dig trenches or above trench restoration.
  • Minimizes disturbance - crossing roads and rivers without costly disturbance to daily traffic
  • Remote boring steering - Allows drill head operator to see where the drill head is and to adjust alignment.
  • Single operator - remote display
  • Accuracy - depth. angle and heading are all displayed to the operator
  • Easy to use - a simple system
  • Safety is enhanced
  • Costs are controlled

Directional Drilling Locator iTrack brochure

Radiodetection Directional Drilling DataSonde iTrack

Description Dia. Length Depth Battery Battery Life Freq.
* Short Range 1" 8" 12' one AA 12 hrs. 33 KHz
* Medium Range 1.3" 15" 33ft two C 20 hrs. 8 KHz
* Long Range 1.3" 15" 50 ft. two C 12 hrs. 8 KHz
G2 Dual Frequency 1.3" 15" 50 ft. two C 12 hrs. 8 & 33
PDF 1.3" 15" 50 ft. two C 15 hrs. 8 & 33

* The Short, Medium and Long Range DataSondes are available with or without automatic sleep mode.

RD385 Directional Drilling Boring Tracking LocatorDirectional Drilling Boring Tracking Locator RD385

The RD385L System helps in the operation of guided boring machines, and comprises:

RD385L Receiver

Hand held drilling tracking locator receiver, which receives information from the Sonde relating to roll, tilt, depth, location, Sonde battery status and Sonde temperature. It can also be used as a cable/pipe locator.
RD385 Directional drilling locator specifications

RD385 DataView


A remote display which indicates roll, tilt and depth information from the RD385L Receiver. Located at the bore machine to provide information for steering of the horizontal boring or drilling.

RD385 DataSonde

The DataSonde is installed in the head of the bore tool, and contains the sensors that measure tilt, roll angle, temperature and battery life.
RD385 Directional Drilling Locator Sonde and DataView Display specifications

Key Features

  • Entry level system - simple and easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Provides both location and drill head information
  • Improves drilling accuracy
  • Speeds up process thus saving time
  • Reduces probability of miss-boring

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