Plastic Pipe Cutting MachinePlastic Pipe Cutting Machine

Band Saw Machine for Plastic Pipe & Sheet to 16" DIPS

Pipe Cutting Machine Features 



Pipe Cutting Equipment Details Plastic Pipe Cutting Machine

Pipe Cutting Machine Specifications
Materials HDPE, PVC, PP, PVDF 
Pipe Sizes:  up to 16" DIPS, 400 mm 
Sheet sizes  3.22 feet, 980 mm 
Cutting angle range - 30° to + 67,5° 
Inclination angle range up to 67.5°
Pipe Cutting Machine Dimensions
W x D x H
9.8' x 8.7' x 9.8'
2980mm x 2650mm x 2980 mm
Weight 727 lbs., 330 kg 
Max. Power  860 W 

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