Utility Locator Accessories

Transmitter Accessories for Tx-1, Tx-3, Tx-5, Tx-10, RD5000WLT

2", 4", 5 1/4" Transmitter Clamps Utilty Locator Clamp 4 inch
2", 4" clamp for applying signals to cables

8 1/2" Transmitter Clamp Large Locator Clamp
Apply signals to larger cables.

Current Direct Low Frequency Clamp Low Frequency CD Clamp
Apply more accurate frequencies & CD for utility ID

Direct Connection Leads Direct Connect Leads
24 feet connection leads for RD8000, RD7000, RD5000

Power Outlet Plug ConnectorRadiodetection Locator Plug Connector
Apply a more accurate signal to live cables up to 220V using an outlet

Live Cable Connector Live Cable Connector
Connect to live cables up to 440 volts for a more accurate

Ground Stake Utility Locator Ground Stake
Spiral drill bit style for use without a hammer. Anodized to for good locations

Ground Lead Extension on a Spool Extension Reel for Direct Connect Leads
Connects to black lead for 30 feet extension

Rechargeable Transmitter Li-ion Battery PackLocator Transmitter Rechargeable Battery Kit
Save 1000's of batteries.  Quickly replaces battery door

UtiliSwitchUtility Locator Transmitter Remote Control
Remotely switches 4 utilities to save time and uniquely identify utilities


Receiver Accessories for RD8000, RD7000 and RD5000 Utility Locators

2" & 4" Receiver Clamps2" Signal Clamp
Detect which cable the transmitter is connected to with this receiver clamp

8 1/2" Receiver Clamp Large Stethoscope anetenna
Identify cables in vaults, junction boxes and other busy places

Small Stethoscope AntennaLocator Antenna Small
Identify cables in vaults, junction boxes in small locations

Small Stethoscope AntennaHigh Gain Stethoscope Locator Antenna
Identify cables in vaults, junction boxes in small locations

Current Direction Low Frequency Clamp Low Frenquency Receicer Locator Clamp
Identify specific cables with the receiver.

Rechargeable Locator Battery Pack Rechargeable Locator Battery
Quickly changes to standard battery door if needed.

A-Frame Fault Locator Underground Cabel Fault Locator A-frame
Accurately pinpoint damages cable by following arrows.

A-Frame Bag A-Frame Fault Locator Bag
Protect your A-frame with the padded A-frame bag

Submersible Antenna Locator Submersible Antenanna
Locate submerge cables and other utilities to twice the depth

GPS Trimble 7X GPS Trimble Geo 7X
Connect with Bluetooth to store GPS position and locator depth and position

Locator Kit Accessories

Custom Hard Case RD8000 Custom Hard Case
 Custom case sized to just larger than the locator for minimum size and weight

Light Weight Locator Hard Case Utilty Locator Case
Lightest hard case, only 11 lbs.

Soft Case Soft Case RD8000 RD7000 RD5000
The lowest cost, most compact and  lightest case

Locator Hard CaseLocator Hard Case
Aluminum edges & corners for longer life and light weight.  Wheels included

Hard Case RD5000
Standard option with the RD5000 pipe locator

Cable fault locating requires the RD8100PDL, RD8100PDLG, RD8000PDL, RD8000PDML, RD7100TL, RD7100TL, RD7000PL+, RD7000TL+, RD7000TML or RD7000PLM. SuperCAT and CAT4 accessories: Direct connect leads, Direct connect extension reel, ground stake, small signal clamp, standard signal clamp, large signal clamp, signal clamp extension rod, Live Plug Connector, Live Cable Connector, soft bag.

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