How to Snake a Drainhow to snake a drain

How to snake a drain guide for sewer pipe snakes from RJM.

  1. Use gloves that can not be grabbed well by the rotating drain snake cable to protect your hands as you feed and retrieve the snake cable.
  2. Pick a location that is 3 feet of less from the pipe inlet and with nothing in the way. More distance between the drain pipe and the sewer snake increases the chance of the twisting around and causing injury.
  3. If the drain opening is in a high location, many drain snakes can be tilted to a vertical position resting on the rear end or sewer snakes like the DM150 drain snake pivot to provide a better angle.
  4. Plumber snakes with a foot switch can be stopped quicker.
  5. Slower turning drain snakes provide more time to react and provides more torque than higher speed sewer snakes.
  6. Be sure that the snake cable and blade are inserted far enough into the drain inlet before the plumber sewer snake is started rotating to prevent the end coming out of the pipe.
  7. When snaking the drain, use the smallest snake blade first.
  8. Rinse the drain pipe after each blade is run through the drain to clean out loosened debris. Snake the drain again with a larger blade. Continue increasing sewer snake blade sizes until the until the blade size scrapes the side of the sewer drain pipe. The cutting blades are flexible and can be compressed to enter most sewer cleanout openings.
  9. Keeping a sharp cutting edge helps cut through debris.
  10. Firmly grasp the snake cable with two hands between the drain snake and the pipe inlet and keep the guiding the cable snake always while the sewer machine is in operation.
  11. When the blade contacts an obstruction in the drain, it causes torque to increase in the sewer cable. Do not allow the blade to get stuck for more than three seconds. When the blade is free, feed it back into the obstruction to make use of the built-up power to clean the line. Excess torque can cause looping over of the sewer cable causing serious injury to fingers and hands.
  12. When retrieving cable from the line, feed the cable into the machine until the blade is close to the cleanout opening. Shut off the machine and hand-feed the remaining cable into the machine.

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