Horizontal Directional Boring / Bursting Machines

Directional horizontal boring and pipe bursting machines for trenchless pipe replacement by Power Mole from RJM.

Directional Pipe Boring

Directional bore and pipe burst with same equipment.

Avoid the time and cost of restoration by boring or bursting a new pipe.

Advantages of Power Mole pipe bursting and boring machines:

The Power Mole underground directional boring and pipe bursting machines replace existing pipes or install new pipes without damaging roadways, driveways, landscaping, buildings, sidewalks and other structures reducing the project time and cost. The Power Mole directional horizontal boring machines cost much less than directional drilling machines.

Steering Directional Horizontal Boring

First aim the direction of boring rods by aligning with the rear adjustments. The rod aiming tool and target make accurate alignment easy. During the rod pushing phase the direction of the rods can be adjusted if needed by rotating the rods. By rotating the asymmetrical boring head the direction of the boring rods steers. The iTrack directional tracking DataSonde provides precise depth, location and direction information to accurately guide the boring rods to the target location.

Horizontal Boring and Pipe Bursting Machine

Power Mole PD-4 directional boring machine

Example PD-4 pipe boring machine video 34 sec,

Directional Horizontal Boring Machine brochure PD-4, PD-6

Horizontal Boring and Pipe Bursting Machine

Power Mole PD-6Horizontal boring pipe bursting machine

Pushbox for PD-4 or PD-6 Horizontal Boring Machines.directional boring trenchbox

Horizontal Boring Trench Box brochure

Horizontal Directional Boring Accessories

Hydraulic power units

Directional horizontal pipe boring / bursting rental equipment:

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