Plumbers Snake Gorlitz

Plumbers sewer drain pipe cable snakes from RJM manufactured by Gorlitz. Quality drain cleaning equipment at a value price since 1980. Gorlitz sewer machines for 1 1/2" to 8" pipes with 1/4" to 3/4 sewer cables.

Quality sewer drain plumber snakes at a value price since 1980. GO68HD, GO68, GO62, GO50, GO380 / GO250, GO30, GO15. All Gorlitz plumber snakes are available with enclosed reels. The GO50 pipe snakes and larger are also available with open drums.

GO68HD Sewer Camera

11/16, 3/4

GO68 Plumbing Snake Gorlitz GO68PE

11/16, 3/4

GO62Plumber Snake Gorlitz GO62


GO50 Pipe Snake GO50

3/8, 13/32, 1/2

GO250 GO380 Sewer Snake Drain Cleaning Machine GO250 GO380

1/4, 3/8

GO31 Snake drain cleaner



1/4"electric drain snake

Drain Pipe Snake Model Selection Guide

Application Gorlitz Models
1/4" 1 1/4" - 2" Tubs , Sinks , Showers GO 15, GO 250
5/16" 1/ 1/4" - 2" Tubs , Sinks , Showers GO 31
3/8" 1 1/2" - 3" Vents , Small drains GO380, GO 50
1/2" 2 - 3" Vents , Small Drains , Light Roots GO 50, GO 62
5/8" 3 - 4" Vents , Drains , Medium Roots GO 62
11/16" 3 - 8" Drains, Large Roots, Sand, Grease GO 68HD, GO68
3/4" 3" - 10" Drains, Large Roots, Sand, Grease GO 68HD, GO68

Plumbers Snake GO68HD

The professional's plumbers snake choice due to its powerful motor and gearbox combination it will out-perform and out-last all other drain sewer snake machines. Open or enclosed reel with up to 150' of 11/16" or 3/4" drain cable. plumber snake Gorlitz plumbers snake GO 68HD

Plumbers snake GO68HD brochure

Plumbers snake GO68HD parts diagram

GO68 Plumbers Snake

An outstanding plumbers snake due to its power, simple construction and operation. Open or enclosed reel with power feeder. Gorlitz sewer machines plumber snake

Plumbers snake GO68 brochure

Plumber snake GO68 parts diagram

Plumbers Snake GO62

The lightest and lowest cost Gorlitz Plumber Snake recommended for 4" pipes.Pipe Snake GO62PE pipe snake GO62

Pipe snake GO62 brochure

Pipe Snake GO62 parts diagram

Pipe Snake GO50

Pipe snake GO50 brochure

Pipe snake GO50 parts diagram

Sewer Snake GO380 GO250

The GO380 / GO250 sewer snake drain cleaner is popular due to its versatility with interchangeable reels for both 1/4" and 3/8" cables with one sewer snake. Built in GFI outlet, direction and on/off switches, five cable drum combinations, inner hubs prevent kinking. Available in black, red or blue.snake drain cleaner

Sewer snake GO380 /GO250 brochure

Sewer snake GO380 / GO250  parts diagram

Sewer Snake GO31

Pistol grip sewer snake with keyless chuck, and trigger action enclosed in an aluminum drum. AC or cordless powered.

 Sewer snake GO31 brochure

 Sewer snake GO31 parts diagram

Sewer Snake GO15

Our most popular sewer snake only weighing 28 lbs. with a totally enclosed aluminum sewer cable drum and an inner cone / distributor arm that reduces the possibility of cables escaping and kinking. Flexible trunk included. Available in black, red or blue. electric drain snake

Sewer snake GO15 brochure

Snake drain cleaner GO15 part diagram

Plumber Snakes Gorlitz catalog

Plumber Snakes and Sewer Jetters Gorlitz catalog

Which type of reel is best for you? (Open or Enclosed)

An open reel allows the cable to dry sooner and reduces the rust and scum on the cable, but can be messy. Reel covers and tents are available to reduce the mess, or choose an enclosed reel for cleaner operation.

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