Used Underground Utility Pipe Cable Locators

RD400 Kit

Radiodetection Pipe and cable locator RD400 PDL-2 with 512 hz, 8khz, 33 Khz, 65 Khz, Power, FF, peak, null, current direction: $595Used underground pipe locator RD400

(1) Metrotech 4-inch single induction transmitter clamp: $150Metrotech 4-inch transmitter signal induction clamp


(2) Metrotech 4490 4 inch transmitter signal induction clamp: $150Metrotech signal clamp


(4) Metro 4290 2 inch signal induction clamp: $1252 inch metrotech signal clamp


(6) Metrotech 4490 locator signal clamp 4 inch: $125Locator signal clamp


(7) Metrotech 4290 locator signal clamp 2 inch: $125

2 inch Metrotech Signal Clamp


(8) Metrotech 4890 Locator Signal Clamp 8 inch: $125

8 inch Metrotech Signal Clamp


(9) Metrotech 4490 locator signal clamp 4 inch with extension pole connection: $125

Metrotech signal induction clamp 4"


Metrotech Transmitter Charger: $25

Metrotech transmetter charger


New Metrotech 8" clamp: $ 495

New metrotech 8 inch clamp


New 2 Inch Metrotech clamp: $150

Metrotech 2 inch new clamp

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