Underground Utility Locatorsunderground utility locators

Radiodetection RD7000 underground utility locators displays direction of pipe, cable, conduit, camera. Automatic depth. 3 year warranty.

 Radiodetection RD7000

Underground Utility Locator Receiver Features

The new RD7000+ underground utility locators optimizes locating with models for water / sewer, power / electric, communications / telephone and contractors.

Clearly Displays Utility Orientation: Displays a line that stays parallel with the pipe or cable.

Automatically Displays the Depth, preventing depth indication except when the RD7000 utility locator is correctly oriented and directly above the pipe orunderground utility locators cable.

High-Performance Processor Core runs new innovative algorithms: Over 50 software and hardware patents improve the accuracy and repeatability of measurements with powerful signal filtering and analysis even in the most electrically noisy environments for better underground utility locator performance to locate pipes and cables.

On-site Calibration Check:  Plug in a standard USB cable and check the calibration of your RD8000, RD7000 or RD5000 utility locator from your office.

Dynamic Overload Protection: Filters out unwanted signals in places like substations and overhead railway high voltage cables that overloads other locators.

 Arrows:  Quickly guide the utility locator operator to the center of the pipe or cable with left and right arrows that are longer when the utility locator is farther from the target pipe or cable and a variable tone that is different on each side for quicker and easier locating.

Active Power Cable Warning: Alerts the locator operator of shallow power cables with an alarm tone.

Light weight: 28% lighter than industry standard RD4000 utility locator.

Balanced: The balanced design promotes accurate vertical alignment while locating and minimizes wrist strain.

Improved Display: Large, high contrast automatic backlit LCD screen on both the transmitter and receiver.

Fault Find:  Patented technique with arrows that point towards the ground fault from anywhere the fault. (RD7000 PL, RD7000 TL, RD8000 PDL)

3 Battery Choices: Rechargeable Li-ion quick change battery door, two NiMh rechargeable or alkaline 2-D cell batteries with a life of 30 hours.

Peak and Null Antennas:  Compare the peak to the null to determine the locate accuracy.

3 Year Warranty when registered for free

USB Port for firmware upgrades without sending it.

Saves all settings when powered down

Withstands water splashing from any direction and dust - (IP54)

Underground Utility Locator Transmitter Featuresunderground utility locators

  • Tx-1 1 watt, lowest price
  • Tx-5: 5 watts, and fault find.
  • Tx-10: 10 watts, 1 watt induction, fault find, current direction underground utility identification
  • Sidestep Auto chooses the optimum frequency based on ground impedance improving locate accuracy and extending battery life
  • Removable accessory storage tray
  • Fault find up to 2 M ohms
  • Current Direction Fault find for long distance and identify cables
  • Four current direction frequencies
  • 30V or 90V output for high impedance situations
  • Group Frequency Selection by locator receiver model for quick customization
  • 8 induction frequenciespipe locator
  • Short circuit protection
  • Large, high contrast, backlight LCD display with clear information
  • 10% lighter than RD4000 T10
  • Withstands water splashing from any direction and dust - (IP54)
  • Direct connect or induce onto pipes, cables
  • Powered by 8 D cells, vehicle cable, rechargeable battery pack or rechargeable D-cells
  • Multi-meter measures voltage, current, impedance

Underground Utility Locator: Radiodetection RD7000 brochure

RD7000 / RD8000 Quick Utility Locator Guide

All RD7000+ Frequencies and Features

Power, radio, 8 kHz line, 33 kHz line, 65 kHz line, Compass, Dynamic Overload Protection, TruDepth, Peak, Peak/Null, Strike Alert

All RD7000+ Marker Locators

Marker mode, marker / locate mode, SurveyCERT

RD7000 Underground Utility Locator
Model Differences Summary
83 kHz line Yes      
131 kHz line       Yes
200 kHz line       Yes
512 Hz & 640 Hz sonde   Yes   Yes
8 kHz sonde   Yes    
Features SL DL PL TL
Auto depth in Power mode     Yes  
Cable Fault locating     Yes Yes
Data logging     Yes Yes
CalSafe (service reminder)     Yes Yes

Underground Utility Locator Accessories:

  • Automatically recognizes and works with all RD4000 accessories.
  • Induction clamps: 2", 4", 8.5", 15"
  • Cable locator receiver antennas
  • Live cable connector and live plug connector
  • Cable fault locator A-frame
  • Submersible underwater cable locator antenna

Underground Utility Locators RD7000 Users Guide