Underground Utility Pipe Cable Locators

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Underground Cable Locator

Radiodetection RD8000 underground utility locator for cables, pipes. GPS compatible. Auto depth. Remote control of transmitter. Displays utility direction. Identifies utility. 3 year warranty.

Radiodetection RD8000Underground Cable Locator

  • Underground Cable Direction Display: The RD8000 displays a line parallel to the pipe or cable for easier and faster locating especially at bends.
  • Remotely controls the transmitter from 1000 feet for quick selection of optimal frequency and output levels
  • Displays peak and null signals simultaneously for fast accuracy check
  • 28% lighter than RD4000
  • Automatic depth and current display
  • Arrows: Left and right arrows grow longer the farther from the underground pipe or cable and a variable tone that is different on side. Display of peak and null at the same time make verifying locate accuracy faster and easier.


Over 50 software and hardware patents
High-performance processor core runs new, innovative algorithms.
Improves the accuracy and repeatability of measurements.
  • Powerful signal filtering and analysis even in the most electrically noisy environments.
  • Remote Control:  ILOC™ The Radiodetection RD8000 underground cable pipe locator remotely controls the frequency and output level of the Tx-3B or Tx-10B locator transmitters with advanced Bluetooth® link from 1/3 mile. Integrates easily with GPS for quick data collection to update utility maps. 
  • SurveyCERT™: Store and review up to 1000 locate records that can include GPS data for quick GIS updates to correct or create utility maps.
  • eCAL™: Validate the original factory calibration of the RD8000 and  RD7000 underground  locators and print certificates without returning it. 
  • TruDepth™: Automatically displays accurate depth readings within 2.5% of depth when correctly oriented and directly above the pipe or cable preventing errors. 
  • Dynamic Overload Protection: Filters out unwanted underground cable locator signals in extreme conditions such as substations.
  • StrikeAlert: Warns of nearby power cables.
  • Passive Avoidance: Simultaneous power and radio signal detection on underground pipes and cables with real audio to differentiate the relative proportions or each signal.
  • Light weight and well balanced – 28% lighter than industry standard RD4000 cable and pipe locator.  (If you place your finger in center of the handle, the RD7000 and RD8000 pipe and cable locators balance vertically which promotes more accurate locating and the comfort of locator operator.)
  • Improved Display: Large, high contrast, automatic backlit LCD screen on both the transmitters and receivers.
  • Fault Find:  Patented technique with arrows that point towards the ground fault from anywhere near the fault.
  • Current Direction: Simple patented identification tool with arrows that point forward when near the target utility and backwards when near all others utilities.
  • Single Peak Antenna mode for greater sensitivity.
  • Choice of batteries:  Powered by two NiMh rechargeable or alkaline D-cell batteries with a life of 30 hours.
  • Peak and Null Antennas for locate accuracy verification. 
  • USB Port: Upgrade your RD8000 or RD7000 underground cable and pipe locator without sending it in.
  • Withstands Water spray all directions and dust - (IP54) you can operate it in nearly any environment.
  • The RD7000 and RD8000 utility locators include English, Turkish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, CZ, Polish, NL, German, French language.

RD8000 Underground Cable Locator Brochure

Underground Cable Locator RD8000 users guide

Underground Cable Locator Transmitter FeaturesUnderground Cable Locator Transmitter

Three Utility Locator Transmitter Models

Tx-1 1 watt, lowest price

Tx-5: 5 watts, and fault find.

Tx-10: 10 watts, fault find, current direction, 1 watt induction

Bluetooth remote control on Tx-5B and Tx-10B

Major Features:

  • Sidestep Auto analyses and selects the optimum frequency based on ground impedance improving locate accuracy and extending battery life
  • Removable accessory tray
  • Fault find up to 2 M ohms
  • Current Direction fault find for long distance and identify cables
  • 30V or 90V output for high impedance situations
  • Group frequency selection by locator receiver model
  • 15 direct frequencies, 8 inductive frequencies, 4 current direction frequencies
  • Short circuit protection
  • Large, high contrast, backlight LCD display with clear information
  • High ground impedance alarm.
  • 10% lighter than RD4000 T10
  • Withstands water splashing from any direction and dust - (IP54) you can operate it in almost any environment
  • Powered by 8 D cells (alkaline or NiMh), lithium ion battery pack available or vehicle cable
  • Multi-meter measures voltage, current, impedance.
  • Stores screw in ground rod, ground rod extension cable, direction connection cables, ground connection magnet in the transmitter base
  • Cable Locator Accessories: Radiodetection RD8000, RD7000 RD5000 and RD4000 accessories are interchangeable.

Accessories:Remote underground locator signal switch

  • Remote utility signal switch: Switch between four different utilities remotely.
  • Induction clamps and fiberglass poles for cable locators
  • Cable locator receiver antennas
  • Live cable connector and live plug connector
  • Cable fault locator A-frame
  • Submersible underwater cable locator antenna

Radiodetection began manufacturing pipe and cable locators since 1978.


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The RD8000 and RD7000 include cable fault location.  We rent underground cable locators.