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Pipe and cable locator for locating underground utilities - Radiodetection RD2000 SuperCAT. Pipe and Cable Locator

Radiodetection RD2000 SuperCAT.

The advantages of the RD2000 and CAT4 with the improved performance of the T1 and two additional active frequencies.

Underground Pipe and Cable Locator Advantages:

  • Cutting edge technology ensures exceptionally fast sound and display response, improved smooth precision locating of pipes, cables, cameras, sondes, and utilities.
  • Enhanced Signal Processing: Patented locate signal processing techniques reject unwanted signals to a level never achieved before optimizing the RD2000 SuperCAT pipe and cable locator.
  • Simple Operation: Smart settings automatically returns to the last settings used
  • Fast signal response
  • Three active frequencies, 512 Hz, 8 KHz, 33 KHz
  • Three passive frequencies, (power, radio CPS optional)
  • Strike Alert - warns user about shallow power cables
  • Attractive pricing
  • Auto backlight
  • Real Sounds:  Power and radio are the actual signal sounds so that can hear differences
  • Calibration History: The date of the last calibration can be displayed.
  • Stable Calibration Design: A single antenna at each location naturally produces the strongest signal when closest to the utility not needing calibration

Radiodetection T1 Transmitter Cable LocationRugged - The RD2000 has been driven over sideways by a Range Rover without damage to the locator or the Range Rover.

Missed underground pipes and cables endanger construction workers and can be cause costly repairs, delays and personal injury. The RD2000 detects power and radio signals naturally present on many metallic pipes, cables and other utilities. The Radiodetection RD2000 SuperCAT pipe & cable locator with three frequencies give the locator the choice to select the best frequency for each field situation.


Both the RD2000 and the T1 use "D" cells since they are the easiest to replace and lowest cost per hour of use. The RD2000 SuperCAT lasts 40 hours on two alkaline "D" cells and can use Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries. The T1 uses four "D" cells with a typical life of 12 hrs. New battery low indicator alerts when batteries are low.


  • CPS frequency - Locates metal pipes the using existing cathodic protection system frequencies
  • Sonde Frequencies - Includes 512 Hz and 8Khz sondes frequencies. 33Khz sonde frequency is standard.

Pipe Cable Locator RD2000 SuperCAT brochure

Radiodetection RD2000 Accessories

  • Live cable connector provides the advantages of direct connection to live cables up to 440 volts
  • Plug connector provides better signal isolation and strength through live power outlets
  • 2" or 4" induction clamps
  • Sondes
  • Carrying case
  • The accessories for the Radiodetection RD2000 SuperCAT also fit the RD8100,     RD7100, RD4000

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