Locator Sondes for Conduit & Pipe

Radiodetection sondes for locating pipe, conduit, cameras.

10 sondes range from as small as 1/4" in diameter and up to 50 feet locating depth.

Sonde Quick Selection Guide


S6 Conduit Sonde 6mm

Conduit Micro Sonde S6

Only 0.25" diameter to go where other sondes won't fit.

Micro Locator Sonde Guide

Diameter: 0.25"
Length: 3.2"
Max Depth: 6.5 ft.
Frequency: 33 KHz
Battery Type: CR425
Battery Life: 10 hours
Connection: M5 female

Conduit Sonde S9S9 Conduit Locator Sonde 

Diameter: 0.35"
Length: 5.4"
Max Depth: 13 ft.
Frequency: 33 KHz
Battery Type: CR535 Li-ion
Battery Life: 10 hours
Connection: M6 female

Conduit Locator Sonde

Conduit Locator Super Small Sonde S13

Kit includes sonde, M10 end cap, plain end cap, 2 batteries and case.

Diameter: 0.5"
Length: 2.75" plain
3.43" M10
Max Depth: 6.5 ft.
Frequency:33 KHz
Battery Type: 2) V393
Battery Life: 8
Connection: None, M10 male

Conduit locating sonde

Small Sonde, S18

 Available with longer end cap that fits AA batteries.

Diameter: 0.7"
Length: 3.2",
Max Depth: 12 ft.
Frequency: 33 KHz
Battery Type:
2) CR1, 2) 3N, 1) D1, 1) 3N
Battery Life: 8
Connection: plain or M10 male

Rodder Sonde

Jameson Sonde

Diameter: 0.75"
Length: 2.25"
Max Depth: 10 feet
Frequency: 512 Hz
 Battery Type: 1) N
Battery Life: NA
Connection: 1/4-20 female

Pipe / conduit locator sllim sonde

Slim Sonde

Diameter: 0.9"
Length: 7.8"
Max Depth: 11.5 ft.
Frequency: 33 KHz
Battery Type: 1) AA
Battery Life: 12
Connection: M10 male

Lateral and conduit locator sonde

Bendie Sonde

Flexes in two places providing a strong locate signal in a small diameter sonde for smaller pipes to 20 feet depth with an accurate frequency

Diameter: 0.9"
Length: 18.75"
Max Depth: 20 ft.
Frequency: 512 Hz
Battery Type: 1) AA
Battery Life: 15
Connection: 10-32 Male, M10 male, Plain

Radiodetection Standard Pipe Locator Sonde

Standard Sonde

Our best priced sonde and most popular sonde.

Diameter: 1.5"
Length: 4.1"
Max Depth: 16 ft.
Frequency: 512 Hz, 8 KHz, 33 KHz
Battery Type: 1) AA 
Battery Life: 8
Connection: M10 male

sewer locator sonde

Sewer Sonde

Fits well in mainline sewers and locates to 26 feet deep.

Diameter: 2.5"
Length: 6.6"
Max Depth: 26 ft. 
Frequency: 33 KHz
 Battery Type: 1) 9 volt 
Battery Life: 15
Connection: M10 male

Super Depth 50 feet Sonde

Super Sonde

Size matters. More power locates 50 ft.

Diameter: 2.5"
Length: 12.5"
Max Depth: 50 ft.
Frequency: 33 KHz
Battery Type: 1) 9 volt
Battery Life: 5
Connection: M10 male

Locator sonde spring couplingPipe Conduit Locator Sonde Guide

Underground utility locator sonde size depth chart

Locator Sonde Spring Coupling fits between the end of a Flexrod and the sonde to reduce the shock to the sonde when hitting the wall of a pipe or to ease the sonde around bends. The spring coupling has a M10 male thread and a M10 female thread.

Use these locator sondes with the Radiodetection underground utility locators and Jameson duct rodders to pinpoint sonde locations and depths or choose a locatable conduit rodders to locate the entire rod length.

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