Lift Station Odor Control Biofilterslift station odor control

Natural odor control biofilters for pump lift station odor control with nearly no maintenance and extremely low long term cost.

Applications: pump station odor control, sewer lift stations, sewer odor control, wastewater plant odor control, industrial odors.

 The HDPE construction is corrosion and maintenance free.

The Bioteg "Stand Alone" odor control biofilter is the most common choice for sewer lift pump station odor control.

Stand Alone Lift Pump Station Odor Control Biofilters specifications

lift pump station odor control biofilterPump Station Odor Control Biofilters

Drop In Biofilters

The Bioteg "Drop In" biofilter controls odor while being mostly hidden.

The Drop In biofilter can be hidden in a vault below or mostly below ground level to be inconspicuous and protected from vandalism. The odor control biofilter can be supported on the upper flange or base. The sewer gas flows in the bottom and is treated by the bacteria on the biofilter media, then exits the top sewer odor free. The biofilter operating cost is low because the treatment is done by the bacteria which is regenerates itself. Carbon and chemical sewer odor control systems operating costs are much higher because they need regular replacement.

Commonly used for sewer lift pump stations:

Odor Control Biofilters Drop In Flyer

odor control lift pump stationVent Odor Control : For smaller lift stations with low odor levels the Bioteg "Vent Biofilter" may solve the odor problems.

Sewer vent odor control biofilter brochure

wastewater sewer odor control biofilterWaste Water Treatment Plant Odor Control

The Bioteg "Modular Biofilter" provides greater air flow rates from 500 cfm to 20,000 cfm and odor treatment capacities for larger sewer pump lift stations, wastewater treatments, industries and more.

  Modular Sewer Odor Control Biofilters brochure

Conclusion from a evaluation report of a Bioteg Stand Alone Biofilter:

“... Bioteg Biofilter removes more than 98% of the odors. The pre-packaged Bioteg Biofilter has many advantages over odor control technologies (mist towers, packed bed scrubbers, etc.) These advantages include relatively low capital cost, low O&M costs, compact design, and the absence of hazardous chemicals. A practical odor control unit, the Bioteg Biofilter should be considered for other District projects, such as lift stations.”

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