Plastic Sheet Welding MachinesPlastic Sheet Welding Machine

Polyfusion 10-15

Weld HDPE and PP Sheets up to 39.37" (1m) and 0.08" - 1" thick.  Plastic sheets can be welded inline, flat, 90 degrees and circular.

A graduated scale on both sides of the table base speeds positioning of the plastic sheets before fusion of the plastic sheets.  The plastic sheets are clamped in place with manual hand wheels and articulated arm.

The electronic precision thermoregulator controlled heating plate under the table adjusts the height with a hand wheel. 

Tool shelf at the base provide storage and easy access.



Automatic PolyFusion Plastic Sheet WelderHDPE Sheet Welding Machine

Automatic CNC Butt fusion machines for sheets of HDPE, PVC, PP, PVDF.  Operates vertically or horizontally for different types of welds.  Enter the type and size of the plastic sheet and the machine automatically welds the thermoplastic sheet.  The Polyfusion welds up to 118" or  157.48" wide.  Thicknesses range from 0.12 - 2" (3-50mm).  Plastic sheets can be welded flat, 90 degrees and circular.

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