Sewer Drain Cleaning Machines

RJM sewer drain cleaning jetter machines with electric and portable gas jetters up to 20 hp and 8 gpm for drain pipe up to 10 inches by Shark.

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Shark Drain Cleaning Machines

Shark offers four heavy-duty gas engine sewer jetter drain cleaning machines with the power and durability for large commercial drain cleaning jobs ranging from 4 to 8 GPM flow rate at 3000 Psi, Shark’s gas jetters feature reliable Honda or Vanguard engines with low oil shutoff to protect and extend engine life.  All models have a triplex plunger pump with Pulse technology on demand to jet through tough drain clogs and lead the hose through tight bends.

The 3011 is the lightest of Shark’s gas engine jetters, but still provides the power of 4 gpm at 3000 psi.  The pneumatic tires and hand truck design allow portability and easy maneuverability.

 Shark’s bigger gas engine models feature easy to maneuver roll cage designs and range from 5.5 to 8 gpm at 3000 psi.  All models come with a 300’ hose reel, metal tool box, and safety features including a thermal relief valve, back flow check valve and inlet filter.

Drain Cleaning Machine Features:

Shark Sewer Drain Cleaning Machines brochure

Model Pressure Flow Engine Size Weight
3011 3000 psi 4 389cc Honda

25.5”L x 28.5”w x 42”H

173 lbs.
3013 3000 psi 4 389cc Honda

40”L x 24”w x 42”H

203 lbs.
3016 3000 psi 5.5 480cc Vanguard 35”L x 29”w x 47”H 280 lbs.
3020 3000 psi 8 614cc Honda

43”L x 29”w x 47”H

375 lbs.

Electric Drain Cleaning Machines

Field-tested by professionals and the rental industry, shark Sewer Drain Jetters have the power to effectively break through tough drain blockages caused by grease, dirt, sand, debris, and even ice. the shark Jetters product line includes 3 electric and 4 gas engine models, ranging from 1.7 to 8 GPM flow, and sized to clear blocked drains from 1 1/2” lines up to an 8” pipe.

All sewer drain jetter cleaning machines feature shark’s Pulse technology, providing the power and friction to burst through tough clogs while propelling the hose through the pipe, even around tight corners. engineered for safety, Shark Jetters come standard with many safety features including a thermal relief valve, back flow check valve and inlet filter. Built for power and performance, shark Sewer Jetters provide a high return on investment thanks to their durable design and proven engineering.

All three electric sewer drain cleaning machines feature:

Electric Sewer Drain Cleaning Machines

Model Pressure Flow Engine Size Weight Photo
SJHE-1500 1500 psi 1.7 1.5 HP
22” l
14” w
13” h
71 lbs. drain cleaning machine
SJPE-1500 1500 psi 1.7 1.5 HP
27” l
17.5” w
32” h
105 lbs. sewer machine
SJPE-1650 1500 psi 1.7 1.5 HP
26”  l
26” w
38” h
130 lbs. sewer drain machine

Electric drain cleaning machines brochure

Drain Cleaner Equipment Catalog

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