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Ritmo Delta 1200 mm pipe fusion machine for plastic pipes 28 - 48 inches and 710 - 1200 mm pipes.

Ritmo Delta 1200

28" IPS - 48" IPS: (710 mm - 1200 mm)

This self-aligning Ritmo pipe fusion machine for welding pipes HDPE and poly pipes.Pipe fusion machine 1200mm

Ritmo Delta 1200 welds elbows, tees, wyes and stub-ends and other fittings. The third clamp anchors to the first and second clamp and slide along with the pipe.  The fitting must be locked in the fourth clamp. Stub-end with a short neck can be welded with the help of a stub-end holder (optional), applied to the clamps.


Pipe sizes 28" IPS - 48" IPS
710mm - 1200mm
Machine Body Weight  3800 kg
Power Supply 400 VAC, 50hz or 60 Hz
Maximum Power 28196 watts
Crane Power 750 watts
Working Temperature 180 - 280 C
Outside temperature range -5 C to +40 C
Time to reach welding temperature Less than 45 min
Chassis Dimensions 4500 mm W
2130 mm D
2330 mm H
Pipe materials HDPE, PP

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