Angle Weld Pipe Fittings Fusion Machine Pipe fitting fusion machine

Ritmo Gamma 160

1 1/4" IPS to 5" IPS Angle Pipe Fittings Fuser

GAMMA 160 welds HDPE and PP with special jaws for manufacturing elbows. The pipe fitting fusion machine fuses HDPE / poly / polyethylene pipe at angles to for fittings including bends, tees, wyes (Y) and flange necks up to Ø160 mm; short flange necks can be welded with the help of a stub end holder (optional), applied to the clamps.

FeaturesPipe fitting fusion end facer & hot plate

Pipe Fusion Machine Components

AccessoriesPoly Pipe Elbow Fuser

Angled Pipe Fusion Machine Ritmo Gamma 160 top viewAngled Fitting Pipe Fusion Machine Ritmo Gamma 160 brochure


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