Electrofusion HDPE Pipe Scraper

RTC 160

Electrofusion HDPE Pipe Scraper

2" IPS to 6" IPS

RTC 315

Electrofusion HDPE Pipe Scraper

3" IPS to 12" IPS

RTC 710 mm

HDPE Pipe Scraper

14" IPS to 28" IPS

Ritmo RTC Series Electro Pipe Scrapers

Properly prepare the outer pipe surface for plastic pipe electrofusion by cutting away a continuous ribbon of old exterior HDPE pipe material.

Pipe Scrapers for HDPE pipes brochure

Electrofusion HDPE Pipe Scrapers - Ritmo Turbo ScrapersRitmo Turbo Electrofusion Pipe Scraper

Quickly faces plastic and HDPE pipe end and outer pipe surface for preparation for electrofusion removing outer oxidation layer.

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