Butt Fusion WeldersButt Fusion Welders

Ritmo Delta 1600

32" IPS - 63" IPS

The Ritmo Delta 1600 butt fusion welders self align improving production speed and weld integrity. DELTA 1600 can weld fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes and stub-end. This is possible because the 3rd clamp can be anchored to the first and 2nd (movable) and slide along with the pipe. The fittings lock in the fourth clamp. Short neck stub ends weld with the holder (optional) connected.

Standard Kit: butt fusion welder machine, Teflon hot plate, tool kit, pipe milling facer, electric hydraulic power pack unit, support for facer / hot plate.


Pipe sizes 32" IPS - 63" IPS,
800 mm - 1600 mm
Machine Body Weight 10,582 lbs. (4800 kg)
Power Supply 400 VAC, 50hz or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Maximum Power 45,000 watts
Working Temperature 180 - 280 C
Outside temperature range -5 C to +40 C
Chassis Dimensions 137" W x 94" D x 100" H
(3500 mm W x 2400 mm D x 2550 mm H)
Pipe materials HDPE, PP

Butt Fusion Welders 1600mm pdf brochure

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