Butt Fusion WelderButt Fusion Welder

Ritmo Delta Dragon butt fusion welder for HDPE Plastic 40mm - 160mm pipes, 1.25 inch to 5 inch IPS. Lightweight for in trench or above use.


Delta Dragon 160mm

11/4" IPS - 5" DIPS:  (40 mm - 160 mm) Butt Fusion Welder


elf-aligning hydraulic butt fusion welder machine, suitable for welding pressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 5" DIPS / 160 mm.  Delta Dragon 160 welds elbows, tees, Y - branches, flanges necks and others. Available in 110V and 230V versions.

Please see the Gamma 160 Pipe Fittings Fusion Machine for fusion of pipe at angles or to create fittings in the field.

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