Butt Fusion MachineButt Fusion Machine

RAM 824 butt fusion machine for 8-24 inch and 225mm - 655mm plastic pipes. 4WD, data logger, on-board diesel generator, GPS, automatic control.

Ritmo RAM 824

8" IPS - 24" DIPS:  (225 mm - 655 mm)

 The RAM 824 ALL TERRAIN is the Pipe and Fittings Fusion Machine for the toughest working conditions.

RAM 824 ALL TERRAIN butt fusion machines stands out for being extremely easy to set up and work with. For example, the heating plateButt Fusion Welding Machine and facer disconnecting system positions and removes without obstacles, saving time.

The RAM 824 ALL TERRAIN butt fusion machine many technical innovations that are practical. Take the clamps hydraulic system, for instance - not only an aesthetical maneuver, but a protection against collisions while positioning the machine inside the trench. Take the low fuel consumption and sound proofing gear– protects the environment, your health and saves you money!

Butt fusion machine HDPE


Butt Fusion Machine RAM Brochure


Butt Fusion Machine RAM824 Demonstration videoButt fusion machine controller

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