HDPE Pipe FusionHDPE Pipe Fusion Machine

Ritmo RAM 414 HDPE pipe fusion machine for plastic pipes 4-14 inches; 125-355mm pipes. On board gas or diesel generator, wheel driven, GPS, automatic.

RAM 414:  4" IPS - 14" IPS:  (125 mm - 355 mm)

Manual or All Terrain Semi-Automatic

The Ritmo RAM 414 is an independent and motorized electro-hydraulic HDPE pipe fusion machine for pipes fusion capabilities ranging from 4” IPS to 14” IPS (125 - 355 mm) pipe sizes. The machine is designed for in-field fusion of HDPE pipe and fittings and other plastic pipes.


All Terrain Automatic RAM414 AT


      Butt Fusion Machine Welder Control PanelFusion-machine-RAM-414-sideview 

Options:HDPE Pipe Fusion Machine

Pipe sizes 4" IPS - 14" IPS
(125mm - 355mm)
Chassis 430 lbs. (195 kg)
Facer 84 lbs. (38 kg)
Hot Plate 39 lbs. (18 kg)
Total Weight 1279 lbs. (580 kg)
Power Self contained 13 hp gas
(optional 12 hp diesel)
Warranty Two years
Chassis Dimensions 83" W x 46" D x 52" H
2112mm W x 1180mm D x 1317mm H
Pipe materials HDPE, PP, PVDF


HDPE Pipe Fusion RAM 414mm

HDPE Pipe Fusion Machine Removed from Transporter

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