Natural Pond Treatment

Natural pond treatment removes excess nutrients, clears pond water, and reduces pond scum by controlling algae.

Natural Algae Control
Before AQ-4
Natural Algae Control Pond Treatment
Three Days After AQ-4

AQ-4 clears pond water and reduces pond scum by controlling algae.

Non-toxic and Safe for People, Fish and Animals

  • AQ-4 is made of naturally occurring EPA approved beneficial bacteria.
  • Naturally controls algae by reducing nutrient levels in ponds, lakes and aquariums.
  • Increases water visibility and oxygen levels.
  • Reduces excess nutrients, metals, most toxins, E-coli, rotting organics, odors.
  • No chemicals, pesticides, or genetically engineered micro-organisms.
  • Low application rates at long intervals since the natural microbes regenerate themselves.
  • Over two year shelf life.
  • Balances pH to improve pond health.


The suggested doses are based on typical pond conditions.  Ponds with higher amounts of decaying organics or sediment, longer and more intense sun exposure, outflow, or string algae may require a higher dosage.  Larger than suggested doses of  AQ-4 naturally control algae and reduce nutrients faster and are not harmful for fish or plants.  Doses that are too small will improve the conditions, but may not be enough to clear the water.  Typically, one teaspoon treats 2500 gallons and one tablespoon treats 7500 gallons. 

Every pond is different and some ponds require more than the suggested doses.  If your pond doesn't clear within one to two weeks with the suggested dosage on the table below, then the dosage wasn't high enough for your particular pond conditions and adding more will probably be effective.  You can add more than the suggested dose of AQ-4 to your pond any time the condition needs improving with no harmful side effects.


The natural bacteria in AQ-4 reduces nutrient levels in aquariums, ponds and lakes until the algae starves. Decaying algae and other sources of nutrients for the algae eventually increase. Reapply AQ-4 at about 1/4 to 1/2 of original dose at the first signs of poor water condition returning or before you expect it to return based on experience. Warm seasons and climates may require reapplication in one month. Cooler climates with less intense sun typically require less frequent reapplication. As the condition of the pond improves, the amount of AQ-4 needed for each dose and the application frequency decreases.

Preventing organics from entering the pond and removing decaying algae and plant matter reduces the long term nutrient supply and reduces the overall amount of AQ-4 needed to have clear, sparkling water.

Aeration improves the pond conditions. The most critical time to aerate is the late night and early morning hours.

What size package do you need?

Each package is labeled with the typical volume it will treat. Dosages vary and are measured by volume. Please see "Dosages" below. Larger than suggested dosages work faster and are not harmful to fish or plants. Larger packages cost less per dose. The shelf life of AQ-4 in the package is over 2 years.  AQ-4 is powdered and is easy to measure and to apply.  

If you need assistance estimating your pond size, please E-mail lorimoss@rjmcompany.com or call 360-903-0289 or use the guide: 

Rectangular Ponds: Length ft. x Width ft. x Average Depth  ft. x 7.5 gallons/cubic foot = Volume of pond in gallons 

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325,000 gallons $174.99

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Please contact us for amounts larger than listed on the above table. Please verify that your address listed on PayPal is correct before paying. For questions, comments, larger quantities, different combinations or direct orders, please contact us. Application rates vary for ponds with outflow, high concentrations of algae, heartier types of algae such as string algae and other factors. Instructions are included with all shipments. 

Example customer results:

I wanted to follow up on the amazing product "Microbe Tech Powder". One month prior to purchasing your product I had spoken with a so called pond expert (of ten years) at our local nursery. I explained the issues I was experiencing with my pond and he sold me product worth just over $350. Needless to say, the pond was in the same state as it was prior to the treatment program I was sold.  Lucky for me, I bumped into another dissatisfied customer at our local nursery and found out that we had spent approximately the same amount of money, and had the some poor results. Her and her husband explained that they had just purchased "Microbe Tech Powder" and would let me know how it performed. One week later there news was all positive, they were experiencing exactly what your "Microbe Tech Powder" had promised.

I did purchased the your "Microbe Tech Powder" and will say I was amazed to see the result in less then a week. We are now at the 4 week of the program and will say that I can see everything at the bottom of our pond which I was not able to see 2 inches from the top of the water line previously.

I would like to thank you for such a effective and very safe product, I have recommended the product to others and they are amazed by the results and cost savings. Truly, Happy Pond Owner, Dan Russo

I had to write and tell you how impressed I am with the AQ-4. I have been fighting with the algae in my pond for a month. Talking to the experts here in Minnesota with not much results as you can see in one the pictures I sent. My cousin in Washington told me about AQ-4 so I thought I would give it a try. Wow, as you can see from the photos that were taken 4 days apart that It worked fantastically. I will definitely pass the word on to any pond owners that I know. One very happy pond owner. Greg Johnson. (Photos above)

I recently purchased the subject item for the treatment of my fish pond. I treated my grass green pond water on May 18 2007 and subsequently today May 29, 2007 my pond is clear as crystal. What an exceptional product from a friendly genuine company. This product is an absolute bargain.

From a very grateful customer. Sincerely, Terence Francis U.K.

"I have been in the pond business for over 30 years and have never seen a better product. I have aquarium people coming now. I have been ill and neglected the duck ponds - 10000 gallons and yet I can see the bottom of the lined ponds, and the algae is very much under control. To have 15 ducks on a pond for 2 years and NEVER draining it and just using a bio-filter and media and your algae product amazes everyone, including myself. Thank you for developing such a product". Jenny Reynolds of Heber Springs Water Garden

"Microbe Tech is neater than peanut butter.  I applied half of the package in about 5 gallons of water at the head of our spring.  I was pretty amazed when within a few days, the green algae on the bottom began to break up.  After four weeks, there is no longer any visible sign of algae anywhere on the bottom of the pond and the floating material on the top has totally disappeared.  Its clear all the way to the bottom.  If I sound like a commercial its because I'm impressed.  I'm glad I found you folks on the web.  By the way, we have two migratory mallards that spend the spring in our pond and I'm sure they find the frog eggs much easier to locate in the clear water"     Bill Wedlake

"I just wanted to let you know that the AQ-4 worked like a dream.  We had water so bad with algae and god knows what else that we could just barely see the fish.  Our plants were dying and we lost some fish.  We tried other algae killing chemicals but got nowhere but the problem just kept getting worse. 

One application of AQ-4 and less than one week later we could see the bottom of the pond and the fish swimming around.  We are going to reintroduce the plants to the pond in a week or so.

I have already referred your company to my daughter's co-worker who was spending a great deal of money having a professional company maintain his koi pond.  He said he was going to order your product to try.

I will be placing an order for more product today. Thank you for helping our with a problem that was very frustrating."  Carmella Fazio

... I used it last year and I really saw a difference and that is why I ordered more.  I really believe my Koi are a lot more happy now. They have a cleaner habitat now.  Art



Recognized as beneficial and included on the approved use list of beneficial microbes of the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) recognized by the U.S. EPA.

Approved for use by the California Department of Fish and Game as biologically safe and bio stimulating.

AQ-4 Application Instructions 

Typical treatment progress:

  1. 1 to 2 weeks - Visible results begin
  2. 4 weeks - Mostly completed
  3. 1 to 3 months - reapplication or 10% to 25% of original dose

UV filters should be turned off during AQ-4 and AQ-5 treatments since it will harm the microbes. Most public drinking water systems contain chlorine which kills AQ-4 and is unhealthy for fish. Chlorinated water should be de-chlorinated before adding AQ-4 to the pond.

AQ-4 Natural Pond Treatment Material Safety Data Sheet