Drain Jetters: Camspray

Drain jetters for sale: Camspray. Gas and electric portable sewer drain cleaning jetters from RJM.

Portable Electric Drain Jettersdrain jetter

CS1000.2 1000 1.5 1.5
CS1300.2 1300 2.2 2.0
CS1500A.2 1450 2.0 2.0

Portable Electric Sewer Jetters brochure

Portable Gas Drain Jetters

JS: Economical 2 wheel sewer jetter JS3040

CS Series Sewer Drain Jetter

Model PSI GPM HP Engine Hose
CS25006B.3 2500 3 6.5   1/8"x50', 1/4"x100'
CS25006H.3 2500 3 6.5 Honda 1/8"x50', 1/4"x100'
CS3000.4R 3000 4 13   3/8" x 200'
CS3000.4 3000 4 13   3/8" x 200'
CS3500.5 3500 5 16 3/8" x 200'
CS4000.4 4000 4 16   3/8" x 200'

SW Series Drain Jettersdrain jetter

Sewer Drain Jetters brochure

SW3000.4 3000 4 13
SW4000.4 4000 4 16
SW4000H.4 4000 4 18

PJ Series Drain Jetter

PJ Drain Jetter flyer

Hot Water Sewer Jetter

Kerosene or diesel fuel burners with adjustable thermostat with pressure relief valve, removable swivel reel, pulsation

Sewer Jetter Features

Camspray sewer jetters include triplex ceramic plunger pumps with stainless steel valves, forged brass manifolds, 80 mesh water filter, 4 nozzles, tip cleaner, storage box, tool box, gloves, backflow preventer and safety goggles.  Batteries are not included on electric start sewer drain jetters.  All gas sewer jetters are for outdoor use only, use the removable reel to reach indoors. 

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