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Aerial Bucket Tool Holders

Jameson's heavy duty aerial bucket and boom tool holders for chainsaws, impact tools, circular saws, hydraulic pruners, Lite box, and tools. Customize your bucket for improved safety and productivity.

Aerial bucket chainsaw holder
Aerial bucket chainsaw holder fiberglass

Aerial bucket impact tool holder
aerial tool holder
24-14A: Chainsaw holder 24-18A: Fiberglass chainsaw holder 24-12AH: Impact tool holder with scabbard. Fits most wrenches and drills, two bit holders 24-15D: Double pocket tool holder.
Inner pocket: 6.25"x2.25"x17"
Outer pocket: 5.25"x12.5"x15
24-14L: Chainsaw scabbard with removable liner
24-14LIN: Replacement liner for 24-14L
24-18L: Fiberglass chainsaw holder with removable liner

Aerial tool tray
Aerial bucket kight holder
portable light Litebox
24-17: Tool Tray: Remove dividers and fixed bucket mounts. 23" x 14" x 8" 24-16A: Lite Box Holder.  Fits all Lite Box and Vulcan flashlights. 24-16: Lite box portable light for use with lite box holder: 8 watt halogen, 50,000 candlepower, 8 hour run time. 24-16HP

impact tools holder
Aerial bucket chainsaw rack
Aerial bucket tool storage panel
24-12A: Impact Tool Holder. Holds most wrenches and drills. One piece with adjustable clamp. 24-23: Long reach Chainsaw Holder holds round and oval 18" x 13" 24-25: Tool board:  Leather tool pouches and drop in loops. Fixed aerial bucket mount. 22.5" x 18"

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